Advanced Technology with Focused Ultrasound Cavitation

Weight Loss & Obesity Management

Non-Invasive & Non-Surgical

LIPOZET is one of the most advanced cavitation device in the world for non-invasive cellulite removal and fat reduction.

It produce outstanding result with powerful probes, yet very safe and effective. Result is permanent and can be seen even after first treatment. LIPOZET‘s probe generates deep cavitation with 28KHz frequency ultrasound, which causes micro-bubbles to form inside the adipose tissue. Then the micro-bubbles implode, breaking down adipocyte’s cell membrane without destroying other materials.


No side effect & No yo-yo effect

Non-invasive & Non-surgical

Immediate Visible Result

Shortened Treatment Time

Comfortable Without Pain

Increase Patient Satisfaction

Powerful Cavitation

What is Cavitation?

It is the appearance of bubbles due to pressure drop. The bubbles implode when they meet higher pressure area break down materials around them. Further research about cavitation in hydrodynamic field has yielded “stable cavitation,” which is repeated generation of micro-bubbles inside of liquid in stable way followed by their implosion. This can be obtained with repeated pressure wave using low frequency (25-70KHz) ultrasound and is optimized for fat treatment.

Ultra Cavitation

Ultrasound guided-extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy is innovational technology to destroy fat cell. It generates deep cavitation with 28-33KHz frequency ultrasound, which causes micro-bubbles inside the adipose tissue. Then the micro-bubbles implode breaking down adipocyte’s cell membrane residing 15mm deep in hypodermis layer.

Ultrasound Cavitation Technology

Maximized effect with LED light
Performs safe & powerful low-frequency cavitation
Fat reduction & cellulite treatment

Results can be seen after first treatment