Non-Invasive Blepharoplasty with Plexr

Non-Invasive Blepharoplasty with Plexr

What is PLEXR soft surgery?

GMV, the manufacturers of Plexr, coined the term “Soft Surgery” to describe their device because it delivers surgical results, but with no scalpel, wounds or stitches, no bandages and minimal downtime. It implies minimally invasive procedures, with lower risk and at a more affordable price.


PLEXR®: the most versatile device

Plexr can treat a vast number of indications and it’s probably the most versatile tool in aesthetic dermatology today. It has a long list of uses, ranging from dermatological, to dental, to ophthalmological.

Dermatological uses: • Active acne • Acne Scars •Warts • Xanthelasmas • Keloids • Striae • Fibromas • Naevi • Wrinkles • Tattoo removal

Dental uses: • Gingivectomy • Frenectomy • Epulis removal • Benign lesions in oral cavity

Opthalmological uses: • Non-surgical Blepharoplasty/ Correction of old surgical blepharoplasty • Cystic lesions • Xanthelasma • Palpebral ptosis • Hyperpigmentation

Device Technology

Plexr is a revolutionary soft surgical device that’s changing the way many Aesthetic practitioners work. The cordless, micro-surgical device, patented by GMV Srl in Italy, was developed as an alternative to surgery.