The SLSC AfterCare package will be recommended to patients after certain procedures to maximize the results and promote healing and is to be incorporated with your current skincare regimen.


The AfterCare package includes:

(1) Histocream

(1) Face mask - pack of 5

(1) EGF Serum 


Detailed instructions will be included in the package. You can either purchase at the location or here where it'll be shipped to you in 5-7 business days. 

After Care Package

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  • Undergoing your procedure is only the beginning, to ensure that you achieve maximum results and prolong the effects it is highly recommended to follow your procedure with our proven post-treatment package. This has been curated after countless trial and error to see which combination of aftercare promoted healing while maximizing the potential results.

    What's included:

    Histocream - This helps provide soothing & moisturizing on the skin. Our Histocream is plant-derived to bring plenty of nutrition to the skin after laser or peeling procedures. It's suitable for all skin types and especially effective on sensitive skin. It works by strengthening the skin's protective film through Ceramid NP, Panthenol, Centella Asiatica Leaf Extract and Bambusa Vulgaris Water to increase the skin's moisture retention ability and strengthen the skin barrier. 

    EGF Serum - This Liposome treatment works in a 24-hour period to protect and prevent - Pseudoalteromonas ferment extract blocks external pollutants and provides the skin with a strong barrier. It provides instant relief with the licorice extract that relieves skin irritation post-treatment while replenishing critically needed moisture. 

    Advanced Oxygen Masks with Jellyfish Peptide (5 count) - This mask was specially formulated using Liposome technology to ensure the bio-actives penetrate the deep layers of epidermis and are completely absorbed in the skin leaving you with a hydrated and nourished skin post-treatment.